Marketing architectural design services as a value rather than a cost.

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For professional design services that enable the creation of a finished product, design is a verb. Design is the service provided to the client, rather than the finished product itself. The service is an orderly process to produce a plan that guides the eventual makers of a finished product. The finished product might be a building, a bridge, a power plant, or something as simple as a logo. With architectural design services, it is the sequence of events that draws out the client’s goals for the finished building.

The presentation of a finished building as a completed design is a…

In the future, you can never unplug.

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A virtual hurricane spins through the night air above the bright lights of Big City. It’s an incidence of MindStorm, a non-stop tsunami of information served via MindNet, a brain-computer interface that connects your mind to the cloud.

The storm swirls with images, videos, sounds, and emotions. An assault of advertisements mixes in with the user channels for mutant pet tricks, elfpunk boy-bands, and hoverboard drops from space. Virtual jetbikes fly through fantastic worlds to offer the mindlinked thrills of The Games of Life.

Smiling holographic salesmen open the doors to virtual flying cars, waving you inside with the promise…

With cartoonish villains, wholehearted heroes, and talking jetbikes!

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Once upon a cartoon…

A pair of jetbikes streak across the night sky above the neon lights of Big City. Jumbotrons on the tall buildings light up the air with a kaleidoscope of advertisements. One ad is for MindNet, a brain-computer interface that connects your mind to the cloud.

The two jetbikes drop away from a lane of colorful flying cars and spiral down toward a cluster of industrial buildings near the edge of downtown.

The riders wear black high-tech flightsuits and matching helmets. Full-face mirrored visors conceal their identities. The jetbikes are made of black nanotech that glistens like…

Tom Wood

Architect, writer, hopepunk. Fast, fun, cartoonish stories to inspire a positive vision of our collective future. We will all have to eventually live in it.

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