Marketing architectural design services as a value rather than a cost.

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For professional design services that enable the creation of a finished product, design is a verb. Design is the service provided to the client, rather than the finished product itself. The service is an orderly process to produce a plan that guides the eventual makers of a finished product. The finished product might be a building, a bridge, a power plant, or something as simple as a logo. With architectural design services, it is the sequence of events that draws out the client’s goals for the finished building.

The presentation of a finished building as a completed design is a recurring mistake on many architects’ websites. A finished product. A noun. Those websites will frequently discuss the materials in the photos as a component of the design. They might also use architecture professor-speak and talk vaguely about the theory that organizes the final layout. The websites seldom analyze the design process that guided the development of the project. …


Tom Wood

Architect, writer, hopepunk. Fast, fun, cartoonish stories to inspire a positive vision of our collective future. We will all have to eventually live in it.

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